Abundant Resources

Find a wealth of resources for your business

As the third largest nation by geography, the United States is home to vast and varied landscapes with abundant natural resources. These diverse regions are connected by an expansive infrastructure network and services that help companies efficiently produce and move their products.

The United States offers independent, stable, and low-cost energy sources and is home to some of the largest supplies of petroleum, natural gas and coal in the world. A diverse array of climates and geographies offer prime opportunities to harness renewable sources of energy, from wind to biodiesel. Coupled with increased energy efficiency, this diverse supply of energy not only contributes to U.S. GDP - it is leading to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Metals & Minerals

The United States is one of the largest global producers of the metals and minerals powering manufacturing – from precious metals such as gold and silver to copper, nickel, iron, lead, uranium, bauxite, mercury, tungsten and zinc. The nation is also the leading producer and consumer of phosphates, a key ingredient in fertilizers used in agricultural production.


Forests are a treasured and unique resource endowment. The United States has over 750 million acres (roughly three million square kilometers) of forest lands – around two-thirds of which is timberland. U.S. timber production supports a wide range of industries from paper production to construction.


The nation's land area comprises nearly 2.3 billion acres (around 9.3 billion square kilometers) – nearly half of which are agricultural lands. As a global leader in agricultural innovation, the United States is the world’s largest producer and exporter of food, offering a wide range of opportunities for food and processing agribusiness.