Foreign Direct Investment in the United States

See why the United States is the leading recipient of FDI

The United States remains the largest single recipient of FDI in the world. However, as the global economy has developed, the United States must actively compete to retain and attract new investment.

FDI in the USA: $4.34 trillion total stock; $253.6 billion annual flow in 2018 (Bureau of Economic Analysis, July 2019)

FDI in the United States
Get the latest statistics on FDI and its contribution to U.S. jobs, exports, and innovation. This updated fact sheet now includes the rankings of the largest and fastest-growing sources of FDI in the United States.

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FDI in the United States

Largest and fastest growing sources of FDI in the United States (world map)

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Explore how and where companies from around the world are investing in the United States, including trends, industry sectors, and overall investment levels.


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