Opportunity to Contribute to SelectUSA Investor Guide 
SelectUSA, part of the U.S. Department of Commerce, has a mission is to facilitate business investment in the United States and support U.S. Economic Development Organizations (EDOs).
As part of the 2022 SelectUSA Investment Summit, SelectUSA is preparing an expansion of its guide to investing in the United States to be posted on the program’s website, 

The existing guide is a compilation of short papers that address topics of interest to foreign investors, including a checklist of investor considerations, taxation, business structure, and workforce issues. SelectUSA is seeking to expand this guide with additional chapters to be published alongside the existing chapters. The resulting chapters will be approximately 1-5 pages or 300-2,000 words in length.  
SelectUSA is inviting technical experts, such as service providers and members of academia, to submit proposals to partner with SelectUSA by drafting papers for inclusion in the guide. The suggested length of the proposal outline is approximately one page. Proposals are welcome on the following topics:

•    Raising Capital. This chapter should focus on a framework to inform early-stage foreign-owned businesses on the U.S. capital markets and mechanisms, including venture capital and private equity. It should also include tax considerations and matters of corporate control. 
•    Customer Acquisition/ Business Development. This chapter should summarize the best practices in business development in the United States, potentially including understanding the business to business and business to consumer marketing, internet marketplaces, and marketing and public relations tactics for smaller/early-stage firms new to doing business in the U.S. market.
•    Partnering Strategies to Maximize Innovation. An effective chapter would explore contractual mechanisms and frameworks for international firms operating in the U.S. to effectively partner with various entities, including other firms, distributors, and R&D partners, including universities. It may include highlighting models that are particularly supportive of innovation activity, such as licensing technology and cooperative R&D with government and university labs.
•    Workforce Training/ Professional Development. This chapter should include a discussion of various models like co-ops, apprenticeships. Brief case studies or real-life examples may be helpful to share. 
•    Federal Procurement. This chapter should provide an overview of the major guidelines around federal procurement in the United States. This may include general information on Build America, Buy American, Trade Agreements, the Berry Amendment, and practical tips for U.S. procurement. 
•    Infrastructure and Jobs Act Chapter. This chapter will cover the priorities, opportunities, and guidelines associated with the recent legislation.
•    Other topics that may be of interest include logistics and real estate.
SelectUSA and the submitter will enter into a license agreement pursuant to which: 
•    Timelines will be set out for drafting of papers, discussion of content with SelectUSA, and posting of papers within the guide. [It is currently anticipated that proposals for drafts will be accepted until December 17, 2021; selections made by January 19, 2021; first drafts completed by February 18; and final versions posted in the guide on the SelectUSA website prior to the 2021 SelectUSA Investment Summit (June 26-29)]. 
•    Submitters and their respective organizations will be provided an appropriate by-line, but all papers will be subject to a disclaimer by SelectUSA relating to the views expressed in the papers and their use by readers. 
•    The submitter will provide to SelectUSA a non-exclusive and irrevocable right to post the paper on the SelectUSA website as part of the guide to foreign investors. SelectUSA may print the content of the guide for its clients as needed. 
•    The submitter will retain the right to use and promote its paper or papers outside of the context of the SelectUSA website. 
•    Papers will be reviewed periodically by SelectUSA for possible updates. 
Submitters may submit papers on investor topics in addition to those listed above; however, the topics listed above are preferred. For a paper to be included, SelectUSA and the submitter must reach agreement on its content. SelectUSA will evaluate each proposed submission for completeness, appropriateness for the SelectUSA audience, consistency with applicable USG policies and guidelines, and geographic and policy neutrality. Proposal outlines and the resulting papers should broadly cover investment into the United States rather than promote the submitter’s business interests. In the event of multiple proposals relating to a single topic, SelectUSA intends to select a single proposal. 
Please send all proposal submissions and any requests for additional information to and by December 17, 2021. 

Welcome to the SelectUSA Investor Guide!

If you are interested in establishing new business operations in the United States, this is a great place to start. The chapters in this guide are designed to give you an overview of what you need to know in order to successfully bring your company to the United States.

Highly qualified professionals who regularly advise foreign investors drafted each chapter. These authors provide a lot of valuable information. We hope you will be able to connect your investment questions to information presented in this guide.

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--SelectUSA and the SelectUSA Investment Research Team