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The Intersection of Manufacturing & FDI: Job Creation

SelectUSA’s Investment Research Team works to create an environment where data inspires, supports, and informs investment policy and promotion.

(October 4, 2019) This Manufacturing Day we are highlighting the positive impact of investors in manufacturing. Whether a business decides to expand existing operations in the United States, or a new international investor opens a manufacturing plant for the first time, U.S. communities reap rewards. These benefits can be seen in stories across the country.

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Spotlight on EDOs

SelectUSA regularly features guest blog posts from economic development organizations (EDOs) across the country. Read more about how FDI is benefitting communities large and small.

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Business Incentives Continue to Play a Key Role in U.S. FDI Leadership

(September 17, 2019) Global companies are drawn to the United States for many reasons: a highly productive and educated workforce, low-cost supply of energy, direct access to the world’s most robust capital markets, and much more. But how much of our nation’s continued success in this arena should be attributed to incentives given to businesses by state and local governments?

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BEA’s New FDI Numbers Point to Sustained Economic Growth for the USA

Audrey Cheng, Intern, SelectUSA

(August 23, 2019) The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) released the most recent numbers for global foreign direct investment (FDI) into the United States, and they’re good news for the country’s continued prosperity. Total stock of FDI in the United States reached $4.34 trillion in value in 2018. This is an incredible $319.1 billion increase from 2017, when we had just surpassed $4 trillion in FDI.

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The Next Investment Advisory Council is Here

Samual Biddick, Intern, SelectUSA

(August 13, 2019) Representatives from more than two dozen economic development organizations and business executives from across the United States will soon provide something invaluable to the federal government: their expertise on how the Administration can best attract and utilize the largest amount of foreign direct investment in the world.

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New FDI Data from BEA: Direct Investment by Country & Industry

Bureau of Economic Analysis

(July 24, 2019) The foreign direct investment in the United States position increased $319.1 billion to $4.34 trillion at the end of 2018 from $4.03 trillion at the end of 2017. The increase mainly reflected a $226.1 billion increase in the position from Europe, primarily the Netherlands and Ireland. By industry, affiliates in manufacturing, retail trade, and real estate accounted for the largest increases.

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New Foreign Direct Investment in the United States, 2018

Bureau of Economic Analysis

(July 2, 2019) Expenditures by foreign direct investors to acquire, establish, or expand U.S. businesses totaled $296.4 billion (preliminary) in 2018. Expenditures were up 8.7 percent from $272.8 billion (revised) in 2017 but were below the annual average of $338.1 billion for 2014–2017. As in previous years, acquisitions of existing businesses accounted for a large majority of total expenditures.

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Spotlight Story from EDA: FDI: Abetting Global Competitiveness and Business Investment

Economic Development Administration, June 2019 Newsletter

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) plays an important role in the U.S. economy by supporting the creation of jobs, increasing wealth and living standards, and by helping stimulate the overall growth and innovation that drives U.S. economic competitiveness. That is why EDA works regularly with SelectUSA, the Department of Commerce program to stimulate foreign investment in the U.S.

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