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SelectUSA Stats

SelectUSA Stats

SelectUSA has created several data dashboards to assist visitors to our website with visualizing and analyzing key FDI data from a variety of sources. Each dashboard features the earliest through the latest available data. Please note that for some indices there can be a delay of up to two years (data release dates vary).


Assess Costs Everywhere (ACE) Tool

Created by the Department of Commerce's Economics and Statistics Administration, this tool provides an analytic framework for understanding the full range of costs associated with manufacturing in the United States versus other locations. Users will find links to resources and case studies.

Explore Manufacturing Portal

The portal displays the Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration (ITA) databases, including TradeStats Express, Exporter Database, State Imports, Metropolitan Export Series, FTZ Board Federal Register Notices, US Top Trade Partners, and more.


Total Cost of Ownership Estimator

This free online tool helps manufacturers aggregate all their cost and risk factors into one cost for simpler, more objective decision making regarding sourcing and reshoring. 

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