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SelectUSA helps U.S. locations facilitate, attract, and retain job-creating investment by amplifying their reach globally

Information and Counsel

SelectUSA can help U.S. locations develop, focus, or enhance FDI attraction plans by providing information through the lens of global business.

SelectUSA offers credible and unbiased data and analytics, and strategic counseling services, to help EDOs meet the changing needs and increasing expectations of international business investors. SelectUSA also offers EDOs access to the U.S. Commercial Service network in more than 75 international markets, providing in-depth, on-the-ground knowledge and experience. Our team members can help EDOs find and interpret information on local companies, business practices, investment trends, and best practices efficiently and effectively.

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Single Location Promotion Fact Sheet

A Single Location Promotion (SLP) is a fee-based service to develop specific activities for U.S. economic development organizations (EDOs) to help promote a U.S. region as an investment destination.

At the EDO’s request, SelectUSA and U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service (USFCS) in-market experts can develop a customized scope of services—including individual meetings with government representatives and firms identified by the EDO, briefings, events, and other activities—to support its visit. SelectUSA and USFCS can also provide logistical support to host or coordinate events and conferences. Through SelectUSA, cities, states, and regions interested in attracting FDI have access to on-the-ground expertise in 72 countries.

SLP Fact Sheet

Marketing and Promotion

SelectUSA provides a platform to showcase local opportunities by using the convening power of the U.S. government and the strength of the “USA” brand to bring potential investors to the table.

The SelectUSA Investment Summit

Hosted by the Department of Commerce, the SelectUSA Investment Summit is the highest-profile event promoting investment in the United States, bringing together global companies and EDOs to share investment opportunities from across the country. Participants can find the practical tools, information and connections they need to move investments forward.

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Investment Missions and Road Shows

SelectUSA and colleagues at U.S. embassies and consulates lead multi-city road shows, during which international firms can learn about establishing a business in the United States and meet directly with U.S. state and local representatives. U.S. EDOs can promote their locations and arrange one-on-one meetings with firms. These road shows attract attention from media, government, and the broader business community, generating excitement and interest in U.S. opportunities.

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Trade Shows and Industry Events

SelectUSA participates in trade shows and industry events both domestically and overseas to promote the United States to business delegations. SelectUSA often coordinates an investment pavilion or “Investment Center,” inviting U.S. EDOs to participate. Services offered through an investment pavilion may include assistance identifying potential investors and coordinating one-on-one meetings, networking receptions or events, or participation in an “Invest in the United States” seminar.

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Customized Promotion Events (Fee-based)

SelectUSA also offers fee-based Single Location Promotion (SLP) services that help U.S. EDOs directly promote their location as an investment destination. SelectUSA and U.S. Commercial Service colleagues located in more than 75 foreign markets will develop a tailored scope of visit, ranging from individual meetings with business and government representatives to briefings and events such as receptions, special seminars, and site visits.

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Assistance with Navigating the Regulatory Environment

The United States is recognized for its ease of doing business – SelectUSA can make it even easier.

SelectUSA works with companies and EDOs to address issues or questions involving federal regulations, programs, or activities related to existing and potential investments. Working with SelectUSA, investors can develop a better understanding of how to navigate the U.S. regulatory environment.  

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Note on Services

SelectUSA represents the entire United States and adheres to strict geographic neutrality. This means that while we are able to assist specific localities with individual promotional activities on a first-come, first-served basis, SelectUSA does not direct investment to one U.S. location over another U.S. location. SelectUSA also does not engage in activities that encourage foreign direct investment into the United States by state-owned entities (entities owned or controlled by a foreign government) of non-market economies.

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