SelectUSA Services for U.S. Companies

SelectUSA assists U.S. firms expanding or returning operations to the United States

SelectUSA's mission is to facilitate and promote business investment in the United States through specialized services and counseling, international events, and public awareness. While the program has historically focused on foreign direct investment, SelectUSA is now refocusing on also supporting domestic companies through its ReSelectUSA initiative. ReSelectUSA provides services to support U.S. companies looking to expand in or return operations to the United States.

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"ReSelectUSA is part of our commitment to provide a single point of contact to help domestic firms like yours deal with impediments, make connections, and get the market intelligence you need to execute your business plans. 
For any company that is looking at expansion opportunities, we want them to look first at the United States."

Gilbert B. Kaplan
Under Secretary for International Trade

Expanding Operations & Bringing Them Back

SelectUSA serves as a single point of contact at the federal level to help companies overcome obstacles, connect with economic development officials in states and localities, and find the best opportunities to grow. Since its inception, SelectUSA has facilitated more than US$53.6 billion in investment, creating and/or retaining nearly 80,000 U.S. jobs.

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