SelectUSA Stats

SelectUSA has created several data dashboards to assist visitors to our website with visualizing and analyzing key FDI data from a variety of sources. Each dashboard features the earliest through the latest available data. Please note that for some indices there can be a delay of up to two years (data release dates vary).


Inward and outward FDI stock by global total, individual markets, and regions.

Inward and outward FDI flow by global total, individual markets, and regions.

List of top markets and interactive map of inward and outward FDI stock, flow, and U.S. jobs supported by FDI.

Global stock of FDI in the United States by industry over time.

Number of jobs supported by FDI in selected state(s) by market and separately by industry.

Number of jobs supported by FDI by designated industries.

Compare employment, research and development expenditures, goods exports, worker compensation, value added, and stock by source market of U.S. affiliates.

Compare markets by their venture capital index scores.

Foreign direct investor expenditures to establish or expand U.S. businesses by destination states, source markets, or industries.

Compare markets by the World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index, as well as by economic indicators provided by the International Monetary Fund.

Compare markets by FDI index ranks by industry, GDP per hour worked, and average annual hours worked per worker.

Compare hourly pay ranges, employment, and workforce concentration for occupations across states, MSAs, and regions in the United States.

Top Areas and Industries by Occupation

Average annual wage and number of jobs supported by FDI in MSAs and counties across the United States, as well as the percent of foreign employment in each MSA and county.

Number of jobs supported by FDI and the average annual wage of foreign-owned establishments in each U.S. MSA by source market.

Explore the top U.S. MSAs for FDI source markets, measured by the number of jobs supported.