2018: Year in Review

Check out the top highlights from SelectUSA in 2018

2018 ANOTHER MONUMENTAL YEAR: Expanded services to include U.S. firms; Worked directly with more than 6,499 clients; and facilitated $20.8 billion across 38 U.S. states

Facilitated $20.8 billion

SelectUSA's services were expanded to include U.S. firms looking to expand in or return operations to the United States. This expansion of services is called ReSelectUSA.

"ReSelectUSA is part of our commitment to provide a single point of contact to help domestic firms like yours deal with impediments, make connections, and get the market intelligence you need to execute your business plans. 

For any company that is looking at expansion opportunities, we want them to look first at the United States."

- Gilbert B. Kaplan, Under Secretary for International Trade

Salt Lake City-based biotech company PolarityTE is an example of one of a growing number of U.S. companies engaged in reshoring. Company executives initially looked to offshore operations, but instead decided to expand its U.S. presence in Utah. Why did they "look first" to the United States? Access to the local, educated workforce; intellectual property protection; and plenty of room to grow. 

Photo from a Dec. 11, 2018 visit to the PolarityTE plan in Salt Lake City

Photo from a Dec. 11, 2018 visit to the PolarityTE plan in Salt Lake City

Photo from a Dec. 11, 2018 visit to the PolarityTE plan in Salt Lake City

Brian Lenihan was named as Executive Director of SelectUSA by the Under Secretary for International Trade in October.

Brian Lenihan, Executive Director, SelectUSA

“Mr. Lenihan has been an important part of our team for more than a year, contributing to President Trump’s push to create a pro-growth business environment that provides more opportunities for hard-working Americans. I know that his leadership and dedication to service will benefit SelectUSA as it continues its critical mission supporting U.S. economic growth.”

- Gilbert B. Kaplan, Under Secretary for International Trade

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Insight for Investors

We sat down with economic development organizations and business leaders to discuss the U.S. investment environment. Check out their insights into support for companies, the strength of the U.S. workforce, and how business matches are made.

South Korean electric vehicle battery manufacturer SK Innovation announced its plans to build a new manufacturing facility in Jackson County, Georgia. The investment is injecting $1.67 billion into the local economy, including 2,000 jobs. SelectUSA worked with the company, providing information and connections to help make the project a reality. Congratulations to the state of Georgia!

"SKI Innovation's decision to make this significant investment ... reflects Georgia's reputation as a top destination for international business, especially those in the automotive supply sector."
- Former Governor of Georgia Nathan Deal

SK Innovation in Jackson County, GA - 2,000 jobs & $1.67 billion

The 2018 SelectUSA Investment Summit was the second Investment Summit to draw more than 3,000 participants to the Washington, D.C. area. Four companies announced more than $600 million in new projects, and SelectUSA released the Rural FDI Report, which shows that nearly 95,000 jobs in rural America are supported by FDI. The 2018 Investment Summit included participants from 66 international markets, including 1,000+ global business investors and economic developers from 51 U.S. states and territories. 

3,000+ Total Attendees - 1,000+ International Participants - 700+ U.S. Economic Developers - 350+ Service Providers

66 International Markets - 51 U.S. States & Territories

$600 Million+ in New Investment Announcements - New FDI Report Released

300+ U.S. Government Officials - 23 U.S. Government Programs & Agencies

Economic development professionals and global executives discuss why the SelectUSA Investment Summit is the must-attend FDI event of the year.

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SelectUSA held Road Shows on three continents, each drawing hundreds of global business investors looking to make deals and find their next U.S. locations. In more than a dozen cities in Brazil, China, and the Nordics, participants joined SelectUSA for specially designed investment seminars, matchmaking sessions, and networking events, all for one reason: to bring job-creating FDI to the USA.
1,300+ participants, 800+ global firms, 15 U.S. states, 800+ meetings

Brazil Road Show - March 6-9, 2018 - São Paulo, Recife, & Porto Alegre

China Road Show - March 19-29, 2018 - Harbin, Hohhot, Wuhan, Ningbo, Guiyang, & Guangzhou

Nordic Road Show - 16-19, 2018 - Helsinki, Finland; Oslo, Norway; Gothenburg, Sweden; & Copenhagen, Denmark

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released the latest FDI data for both 2017 (overall FDI stock and annual flows) and 2016 (employment, R&D spending, and more). The highlight: More than seven million U.S. jobs are directly supported by majority foreign-owned companies, an increase of nearly four percent from the previous year. What's more: total FDI stock reached a record $4.1 trillion.

To promote the data, SelectUSA kicked off #FDIintheUSA, an annual social media campaign that highlights the impact of FDI state by state, international market by market. 

$4.1 trillion - 7.1 million jobs

Local and state-level economic development organizations (EDOs) are essential to the U.S. economy, which is why SelectUSA is dedicated to connecting them to business investors around the world. In 2018, FDI attraction was a key component of many EDOs' strategies, including Regional Development for Eastern Idaho, the Missouri Partnership, Intersect Illinois, and the City of Faribault, Minnesota.

"Eastern Idaho, known for its Innovation Corridor - featuring extensive science, technology, and research sectors - secured its first FDI success as a direct result of SelectUSA."

"Businesses with overseas locations are rapidly transitioning production back to the United States, and facilities are popping up in every region, including Missouri."

"Intersect Illinois attended [the Italy Seminars], meeting with several Italian companies interested in opening operations in the United States."

"Faribault's small town pride shows in that nearly 1,350 Faribaultians work for these foreign-owned enterprises. They have titles like mechanical and quality engineers, production control analysts, and manufacturing services liaisons."

The United States remained the top destination for international investment. Both A.T. Kearney's FDI Confidence Index and UNCTAD's Global Investment Trends Monitor confirmed that, despite global headwinds continuing to shake FDI flows, the United States was seen as the best place in the world to invest.